Finally I am at the end of student career. After three years of Computer Science, I am going to finish the Master’s Degree in Psychology at the University of Milan-Bicocca. To design an interface to manage thesauri is the subject of the thesis that has been written with the help of Gabriella Pasi, Carlo Ferigato and Luca Bernardinello. This work is important for me because it is part of the project at the JRC of Ispra, carried out in collaboration with FAO, BGS and BNCF.

The thesis is going to be presented tomorrow at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan (map) during the conference L’Italia delle Biblioteche. The collateral presentation is organized by AIDA and Piero Cavaleri in Sala Verdi.

The day after tomorrow the thesis is going to be officially discussed at the University of Milan-Bicocca at the Department of Psychology.

The thesis is in Italian, I hope to have the time to translate it. Click on the image to get the full pdf of the thesis or click Il tesauro non è un dinosauro.

Thesis Cover

The thesaurus is not a dinosaurus, presentation cover of thesis

Frammenti Semantici

On 7 and 8 of May I am going to attend to the Italian IA Summit in Pisa. For the conference Marta Motta and I will present a work whose title is Il Thesaurus del Nuovo soggettario interpreta SKOS. The paper, which regards a case of study about the SKOS use, is the result of a collaboration between the National Central Library of Florence and the Joint Research Centre, European Commission.

Pisa by Harald Haeusler, Flickr

Finally the multi-thesaurus tool, a project in collaboration with FAO, BGS and BNCF, has a new name, Ponto, and a logo.

Pontus was part of the old-Greek mythology. Son of Gaia, he was the god of the Mediterranean Sea and the personification of the road connecting all the nations on this Sea.

Since Pontus means connections, we found appropriate to use his Italian name Ponto – rounder than English – as metaphor of the mapping among different controlled vocabularies.

Pontos logo

Ponto's logo

Last week I was in one of the Italian National Libraries, the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale based in Florence.
The round table – focused on the rebirth of thesauri – took place in the Tribuna Dandesca, a beautiful room in the left side of the building.

The scope of the conference was the presentation of the Vanda Broughton book, Essential Thesaurus Construction, a direct book that explain in a clear and clever way what is a thesaurus and how to build a new one.

At the conference attended different speaker: Piero Cavalieri from the Carlo Cattaneo University, Anna Lucarelli and Melissa Tiberi from BNCF, Anna Filograno from the Library of Regional Council in Puglia and Mario Guerrini from Florence University.

It was a splendid afternoon among librarians, thanks.

Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze by MoniPeni, Flickr

Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze by MoniPeni, Flickr


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