Cartographic Projection of Spherical Networks

Many recent discussions deal with the ethical issues raised by the production and distribution of personal data, but few of them focus on the way in which the data are presented.

The work criticizes the assumption that network visualizations have to be drawn on flat surfaces, which nesessarily result framed. This is not the case of spheres that offer a continuous surface where network visualizations can be represented without interruptions.

Once that the newotk is drawn on the sphere, the cartographic projection usually employed in cartography is applied to make network printable.

Brillantly coded by Philippe Rivière, the result is a more democratic spatiality where elements, especially individuals, can be represented without being put on its edges because of sphere’s continuity.

The theory is developed in the paper, “Drawing Network Visualizations on a Continuous, Spherical Surface,” presented at the 24th International Conference Information Visualisation (IV2020).