Dario Rodighiero

Design, Science, and Humanities


Dario is a designer and a digital humanist.

Today he is a postdoctoral associate at MIT Comparative Media Studies and an affiliate at Harvard MetaLab. He combines humanities and technology by practicing design at the intersection of architecture, data visualization, social science, graphic and interaction design. The Swiss National Science Foundation is currently financing his position.

His work focuses at different scales on the social dynamics of academia. After looking at individuals by designing the Affinity Map⁠, currently he develops the Worldwide Map of Research, a recommendation system for scholarly mobility making use of artificial intelligence.

Dario attended the doctoral program of Architecture and Sciences of the City at EPFL. His doctorate was advised by professors Frédéric Kaplan and Boris Beaude, while the dean Marilyne Andersen funded his studies.

Formerly he joined the Médialab of Sciences Po led by Bruno Latour and the European Commission, which recently appointed him as an external expert in data visualization and interface design.

Dario is a proud finalist of the ADI Compasso d’Oro Award 2020 as part of the team An Enquiry into Modes of Existence / Reset Modernity!

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology ・ 77 Massachusetts Avenue ・ Building 14N ・ Cambridge, MA 02139-4307 ・ US

Selected Presentations

History of Visual Networks
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (2019)
Translating Data Into Visualization
Sciences Po, Paris (2019)
Introduction to Data Visualization
Institut d’historie de l’art (INHA), Paris (2019)

Ongoing Projects

Worldwide Map of Research
Funded by Swiss National Science Foundation (2019‑2020)
From Data to Wisdom
Funded by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (2019‑2022)

GitHub Repositories

Affinity Map
Lexical Cartography

“Alongside Daniele [Guido] and Donato [Ricci], Dario is part of the ‘Little Italy’ that has set up shop in the AIME offices. Apart from sharing his enthusiasm and insatiable curiosity, Dario has brought along ten years experience in designing digital interfaces. With the others on the team, he has given life and form to the daring insights of both himself and his compatriots.”

— Bruno Latour, Paris 2013