Lexical Cartography of Scientific Communities

Lexical Cartography is a visual model to map scientific communities that counts up to 1,000 scholars. Their texts are analyzed by frequency, then the common vocabulary is reduced to two dimensions by making use of the last artificial-intelligence techniques.

At the first glance, the web interface allows the reader to grasp the community as a searies of thematic clusters composed by keywords and contour lines; by zooming, the idendetity of scholars is disclosed, revealing their neighboors.

Lexical Cartography is still in progress. The model has been applied to different case studies, including the conferences SPT2021DH2020, DH2019, AIUCD2020, and the community of scientists working on COVID-19. This last one has been awarded for the best data visualization in digital humanities as the result of a collaboration with Eveline Wandl-Vogt and Elian Carsenat.

Further details are included in the conference paper wrote in collaboration with Chloe Moon, titled Mapping as a Contemporary Instrument for Orientation in Conference.